ISTAMED MEDICAL MEDICAL PRODUCTS & BLOOD BAGS Detailed information of our products Products ISTAMED MEDICAL MEDICAL PRODUCTS & BLOOD BAGS Detailed information of our products Products


ISTAMED with near a decade of high experience who undertake a vast amount of activities in the field of import and export, medical device and blood bag, with headquarters located and established in Istanbul, Turkey.

Company Profile

İstamed with near a decade of experience in the field of import , and export, Medical device and blood Bags , with head quarter located in Istanbul, Turkey with highly skill and motivated commercial , and technical team ready to accompany our clients to provide them with transfusion products.

What do we do?

  • Providing high quality of blood bags
  • Collection of blood bags
  • Processing blood bags
  • Distribution of blood bags
  • R&D Activities

High-end quality products, top-notch customer experience

ISTAMED supplies the highest quality blood bags and medical equipments at low costs for exclusive customer experience.

Experienced Team

Our team very well perceives customer requirements and overcome with convenient solutions accordingly

High-end Technology Products

We supply high-end technology manufactured products

Certifications and Tests

ISTAMED provides all compulsory certifications and tests

Advanced Production Facility

ISTAMED provides blood bags which were produced by high-end technology equipments

Global Market

We delivery medical equipments and blood bags to our domestic and world-wide clients

R&D Activities

ISTAMED understands importance of research and development activities by working with universities and blood banks who are following scientific developments closely and cooperating with them

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